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    280 Bakes is Bristol’s home bakers, a social enterprise which specialises in vegan baking. 

    Their daily deal of CakeOD brings cake to Bristol’s residents and businesses ‘on demand’ through daily specials. Check their Facebook and Twitter for what’s on today!

    280 Bakes also make cupcakes, home baked cakes (e.g. coffee, lemon drizzle, chocolate cake), wedding cakes, birthday cakes… all the usual, but with a vegan twist to suit our clients. No customer is the same, and they embrace that! 


  2. All vegan!


    Abakus Hickory Nuts – Exquisite nuts from the hickory tree, providing you with a host of vitamins, minerals and healthy oils and adding biodiversity into your diet.

    High in Thiamine / Vitamin B1, they help support brain functions such as memory and concentration. Thiamine also helps maintain a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system, and comes with anti-aging properties.

    Their Abakus Hickory Nuts are pesticides free and a product of nature. They serve as an excellent snack for all occasions (at work, school, in the bar, during workout). Each kernel is carefully shelled by hand!

  3. All vegan!


    Abi Lou’s offers truly yumstrous choccy brownies made with love, care and kindness. 

    Abi Lou’s specialise in truly yumstrous (and always 100% vegan) cakes, cookies and brownies, baked in small batches in their little Dorset kitchen with love, care and kindness.

    No animals were harmed here.

  4. All vegan!


    AbsolutelySuperFoods are the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke superfood blends to the public.

    The idea is very simple – YOU choose what goes into your superfood blend and they will blend this and arrange for delivery to your doorstep.

    There are over 100 different superfood products available at any time and there is probably a compelling reason to incorporate each of them into your diet but AbsolutelySuperFoods understand that’s not possible!

    They have therefore selected 18 of the most popular and compatible products for you to experiment with – simply 5 products from the categories listed and these will be mixed into a 1kg bag – This should be sufficient for 1 month’s use (approximately 1tbs daily).

    Try adding your own ‘blend’ to a smoothie using a combination of soya milk, nut milk, hemp milk, coconut oil, raw veg, fresh fruit.

    AbsolutelySuperFoods have a more altruistic approach to health, which is why all our products are Vegan and Organic!

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    Adam’s Fresh Chocolate is handmade & organic raw unroasted cacao with superfoods.

    Their 70g packs of single-origin chocolate are FREE FROM refined sugars, dairy, gluten and soy.

    They come in 4 flavours: Banana & Coconut, Goji & Pistachio, Hazelnut & Blackcurrant, and Mint.

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    Alara Wholefoods, established in 1975, a family-owned business, who was the first cereal company in the UK to be certified by the Coeliac Society. We are dedicated to provide gluten free & organic breakfast cereals for those, who do not wish to eat gluten. We produce delicious mueslis, porridges and granolas in our solar-powered, Zero Waste London-based factory.

    All our products are made without added sugar or salt, but with enough seeds, fruits and whole-grains to provide delicious and healthy balanced nutrition.

    Except the granolas and our Fair Trade Muesli all our products are vegan.


  7. All vegan!


    Alternative Stores sell Vegan Shoes, Food, Grocery, Health, Beauty, Vitamins, Supplements, Chocolate, Sweets, chilled, frozen and so much more.

    Please note they are both an online store – with the largest range of Vegan Goods in the UK plus they also have a Newcastle Vegan Store http://www.alternativestores.com/vegan-vegetarian-shopping/newcastle-vegan-health-food-store Alternative Stores hold a lot of events, food tasting, local AR group meetings, meditation sessions, alternative therapies etc. from the Newcastle store

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    Angelic Gluten Free say their mission is to create great tasting free from foods that the whole family can enjoy!  They have a great range of Cookies, Savoury biscuits, Crackers, Oat biscuits and No Added Sugar Cakes.

    AllAngelic Gluten Free products are made using 100% natural ingredients, and are free from gluten, wheat, dairy and eggs. And what’s more, many of our products are vegan friendly, and full of flavour!

    Angelic Gluten Free all their products will be vegan within 1 year.

  9. All vegan!


    Avocad is organic, nutritious, delicious artisanal salad dressings and dipping oils, made with only the finest unprocessed and natural ingredients.

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    Beech’s Fine Chocolates has been making traditional British chocolates in the UK since 1920. Their products contain 100% natural ingredients and are all suitable for vegetarians and most of our dark chocolates are suitable for Vegans and are endorsed by the Vegan Society.

    There is a dedicated section of their website for the Vegan products.

    All products are suitable for Vegitarians.  All dark chocolates are suitable for Vegans

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    BESOS DE ORO is a new liqueur made from Brandy from Jerez and Horchata de Chufa from Valencia. It is a creamy liqueur but contains no: dairy, lactose, gluten or nuts.

    BESOS DE ORO is totally unique….. It is the ONLY cream licquer in the world that does not contain dairy, lactose, gluten or nuts.

    BESOS DE ORO is a NEW LICQUER. It comes from SPAIN, and its name means GOLDEN KISSES.It is a mixture of BRANDY from JEREZ, and HORCHATA from VALENCIA. HORCHATA is a milky like drink, made from the CHUFA. CHUFAS are tiny tubers, which grow in the ground in the region of VALENCIA.

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    If no Facebook phone 07484 174470

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    BioStyle Ltd produce real, clean and healthy foods, containing all the necessary micro elements and nutrients, without artificial additives (colors, flavors, preservatives), produced from raw product of organic farming (without the use of genetically modified organisms, artificial fertilizers and pesticides).

    CultuRAW crackers are a handmade mixture of sprouted seeds full of precious nutrients, fibers and essential fatty acids, sun grown vegetables, super foods and tasty seasonings.   CultuRAW crackers are vegan and gluten free, grown with care for the earth.

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    Black Tor Brewery make Real ale handcrafted on Dartmoor using traditional brewing mtehods and the finest natural ingredients.

    All of their bottle conditoned beers are vegan friendly, and they produce special edition vegan friendly cask ale

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    BodyMe source nature’s finest super foods from around the world – all certified organic and free from additives – the way nature intended. Our goal is to help people to live natural and live life by providing organic nutrient rich super food products for life on the go.
    All products vegan except bee pollen products

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    With a selection of over 350 international brands Boutique Vegan offer a full range of high quality, compassionate, sustainable and mostly organic vegan products for everyone to enjoy. You can find everything you need for a healthy vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet, with an integrated allergy filter and weekly recipe ideas!

    It’s their promise to you to do the background research on brands, manufacturing methods, product ingredients and product quality, in order for you to have more time to enjoy these great products and your life!

    Boutique Vegan provide detailed product descriptions, company profiles and allergen data on the site, to give you all necessary information for your purchasing decision – from the comfort of your living room without having to carry your groceries home or spend hours travelling from store to store. Their aim is to offer a one-stop shop for you to get food, hygiene, beauty and household products at best prices delivered straight to your doorstep, wherever you are in the EU.

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    • 10% off Buddha Birch Sap Sparkling Water and all yourtonic products online or Show your VLA Associate Card
    • http://www.yourtonic.com
    • UK 08702403318 Europe/Rest of World +353 (0)1 2833777
    • @Ytonic
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    Buddha Birch Sap Sparkling Water is a refreshing drink made of pure organic birch sap. Available in 6 lightly sparkling flavours such as Hibiscus, Original, Mango, Cranberry, Cherry and Lemon/Lime.

    Birch sap has traditionally been used for its detoxifying & cleansing properties. Buddha Birch Sap Sparkling Water is bought to you by Yourtonic.com  

    Yourtonic.com is all about finding products that help you along the road to either stay fit or healthy or to get you back on track. yourtonic.com does the work for you and brings premium products to your armchair…so…click these links for products that you feel will work for you, including Buddha Birch Sap Sparkling Water etc.

    Buddha Water/Surya Brasil are Vegan and other supplements are where specified

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    • http://www.buteisland.com/
    • @buteislandfoods
    • Facebook
    • Available in retailers. MELTY RED CHEDDAR PLUS new MELTY STRONG and new MELTY SMOKED are now available from most Tesco stores across the U.K. (not including TESCO EXPRESS). We are also supplying 4 varieties of Creamy Sheese too, including our tasty new SPRING ONION & BLACK PEPPER flavour, so check out or contact your local store for more details.


    We produce three delicious ranges of dairy free alternatives to cheese. This includes Classic Sheese in 9 flavours, Melty Sheese in 4 flavours & Creamy Sheese in 6 flavours.

  17. All vegan!


    We are an independent microbrewery in Brixton, using only ingredients sourced from the UK, supporting local producers and reducing the ‘beer miles’ of all our products. We produce four main beers, as well as seasonal and experimental specials:

    Hellhound IPA: spicy with hints of citrus orange, finishes with smoke and caramel.

    Gorgon’s Alive! Gold: light and spicy with a pleasant bitter finish.

    Phoenix Rising Session: malty with hints of spice and chocolate.

    Strange Brew Pale Ale: delicate and floral.

  18. All vegan!


    The Clearspring goal is to get organic food back on the dining table, so that you can enjoy the same quality of foods as your grandparents did. By developing the demand for organic foods and encouraging the cultivation of organic crops by farmers today, we can ensure that your grandchildren, too, can enjoy the great taste of good food.​

  19. All vegan!


    Made with Fair-Trade Belgian Chocolate, Cookie-Mix is a unique combination of nuts, seeds, dark chocolate and dried fruit.
    It is packed with over 20 different vitamins and minerals required by the body, and does NOT contain any wheat, dairy, eggs or soy.
    High in Fibre, Iron and Omega 3, and easy to prepare just add water and bake!

  20. All vegan!


    Creative Nature bring you superfoods and superfood bars sourced from all around the world for the highest nutrient content. All our superfoods are Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Soy and GMO Free. Our cold pressed bars are the only ones to win 2 gold stars at the pretigious Great Taste Awards giving you a nutrient rich, guilt free, snack on the go with Goji Berries, Raw Cacao, Maca, Hemp and even Barley grass!

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    We make food that is good for your body and the planet! All our tasty food is not only naturally nutricious but gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO- free, soy-free. wheat-free and free from all artificial addictives. Most dishes are low in salt, low in sugar and low in fat too! This is what we mean by goodness! We make a range of deliicous burgers, sausages, vegetable and quinoa meal pots. Our sausages range are made with Irish Dulse Seaweed from the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Seaweeds such as Dulse contain trace nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. This is our supplier of organically certified sea vegetables http://wildirishseaveg.com/ If everybody makes a conscious effort to eat more plant-based foods the benefits for our health, our planet and our future are unparalleled.

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    Chilli sauces, chilli jams, chutneys, marinades, spices blends & salts, oils, snacks “All Things Chilli”

    To show only, and all, the vegan items available please click on this link http://www.dorsetchillishop.co.uk/tags/vegan or from a vegan product details click on the vegan tag.

  23. All vegan!


    EarlyBird deliver premium healthy, vegan snack boxes with four snacks and a boutique tea all around the UK. As well as being vegan, their snacks are made from high quality, natural ingredients. They are completely free from refined sugar and any artificial preservatives, sweeteners or flavours. Whilst EarlyBird snacks are perfect for the health conscious vegan, they do not compromise on taste or flavour, using exciting combinations and innovative ingredients ­ think creamy coconut truffle bites, inca berry chia pud and vegan chocolate buttons!

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    Sign up here: https://earlybirdsnacks.com/#/signup/pear

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    Ecotopia -‘Shop your Principles’

    Departments: Energy Saving / Food n Drink / Eco Cleaning & Laundry / Natural Bodycare / Home & Garden / LED Bulbs

    Ecotopia is about harnessing the power of shopping, to change the world.

    “Where we spend our money can have a big difference on the world around us. That’s why we’ve made sure that everything you’ll find at Ecotopia supports a better way of doing things. We’re an online eco shop with a social, ethical or environmental benefit inherent in everything we sell – whether it’s Fairtrade, organic or sustainably sourced. We like to think of it as shopping with your principles – and changing the world with a few clicks.”

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    At Checkout please Apply Voucher / code: VEGANLIFE

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    El Piano has award winning food, all plant based with no gluten containing ingredients, no nuts & no palm oil. Homemade means Homemade!

    Now in our 18th year, we remain on track! Our mission is sustainability, exemplifying simple, good food sourcing locally where we can. Teaching others how to do it, paying wages that people can live on.

    We have a cook school to pass on our knowledge and provide you with practical, economical, simple & easy recipes so you can replicate them at home!

    Bed & Breakfast – At El Piano, we have B & B accommodation which is above the restaurant. http://www.el-piano.com/#!stay-over/c1hye

    We also have a shop online, which you can buy our kits, books, chocolates, hampers, vouchers and book your parties. http://www.el-piano.com/#!shop/cfvg

    We have a twitter page for our cook school – @CookSchoolYork & we have Instagram – elpianoyork

    We have a site in Granada & Malaga in Spain too.

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    Essy&Bella are artisan chocolatiers specialising in vegan chocolate.
    Founded in 2013 and born out of a desire for high quality and great tasting products, our self-taught chocolatiers set about creating an incredible range of vegan chocolates.
    Each and every one of our gourmet chocolates is handcrafted in small batches using the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients without any unnatural preservatives.

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    Ethicoco vegan chocolate company products are delicious, soy free, with no genetically modified ingredients. The chocolate is created in a dairy and nut free environment.

    All our products are sourced ethically, whether this means direct trade, fair trade or local produce, we endeavour that the ingredients have as little negative impact on the world we share as possible.

    • Organic Ingredients
    • Ethically sourced
    • Recyclable Packaging
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    Fallain food Co. for Vegan Ready Meals, Vegan Catering, Event, Corporate and Private Functions, Savoury and Sweet Vegan Baking and Pastries

    Focus of the Company is healthy and sustainable, cruelty free food.

    All profits to causes they support.  People can suggest causes for them to fundraise for, or they can cater for companies / charity events and they give profits to their own causes.

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    FlaVit Seaweed Seasoning – a flavour enhancer, salt substitute and natural source of iodine provides unexpected culinary benefits from a primal superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

    Add it to all your cooking even sweet dishes! Supercharge your food! Finely milled sustainably harvested knotwrack from the pristine waters of the Outer Hebrides. Natural, allergen free, raw, Paleo, Vegan. Simply sprinkle on or stir it in for all the benefits of eating seaweed.

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  30. All vegan!


    Free From Italy passionately believe that just because you have an allergy does not mean you have to compromise on taste or cannot enjoy authentic food.

    Free From Italy has sourced genuine Italian foods that quality conscious Italians themselves enjoy back in Italy and can now be enjoyed here. Free From Italy have a long history of working with specialist Italian food companies and have focused on bringing the best products we can find in Italy to the UK.

    Their aim is to supply the same quality that any Italian would expect and be delighted to eat. They know how serious Italians are about their food and we know they eat on average 28 kilos of pasta per person per year, so if you are Italian and have an allergy this is a serious issue. So what better place to go hunting for the best quality Free From foods than Italy?

    All of their products are 100% Vegan

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    Freshly Spiced provides a range of natural spice blends without additives or preservatives. All blends are lightly toasted to bring out the full aroma of the spices before being ground together and packaged immediately to seal in the freshness. All of the blends have accompanying recipes on the website, these are quick, easy and healthy. They are Vegan friendly, we have a range of recipes some Vegan, some meat but all can be adapted to suit. 

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    To claim the free single spice with every £10 spent please put itseasy2bvegan! in the Order Notes at checkout, along with which spice you would like i.e cinnamon, ginger. There are 6 to choose from….

  32. All vegan!


    Gambardeli – The home of great tasting, nutricious, meat-free protein.

    Add variety to your diet! Use Gambardeli steaks in place of meat in your favourite recipes. Ideal for your meat-free Monday, Tuesday… Everyday! Great for everyone including athletes, the health conscious, vegetarians and vegans.

    Gambardeli’s – so that everyone can have the same tasty, meat-free protein. Gambardeli dream of being able to order this great tasting protein in restaurants and cafes instead of the over-reliance on carbohydrates for meat alternatives.

  33. All vegan!


    Gillie Food Ltd is one of the Oriental Vegan and Vegetarian meat-substitute alternative food manufacturers & importers in the UK. Our product ranges are based in Textured Soya Protein and Wheat Protein, which is a nutritious member of the protein family, is entirely meat free. Also approved by the Vegetarian Society Trade Mark; Our products are NON-MSG; NO GMO, No preservative.

    Frozen and Instant vegan and vegetarian products are the main type of products in our range. Consumer satisfaction is our main objective.
    Gillie Food is from our family recipes and we show how easily our delicious products can be added to any family’s table.

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    GLORIOUS! foods are an award winning UK brand of fresh soup pots inspired by flavours discovered from adventures around the world. The soups are freshly prepared in the GLORIOUS! kitchen, with travel inspired recipes developed by in-house chefs and prepared using only the freshest ingredients and authentic culinary techniques. Available in all major supermarkets.

    Vegan soups in the GLORIOUS! Range:
    Thai Tuk Tuks & Turmeric, Singapore Fling, More Bangalore, Mumbai Madness, San Antonio Fiesta & the newest addition 
    Mexican Tomato & Fire Roasted Pepper

    (San Antonio Fiesta contains chocolate and whilst there is no added Milk in the Chocolate, unfortunately our supplier handles dairy products and cannot 100% guarantee that Chocolate will not contain traces of Milk).


  35. Information

    Lots of beautiful freshly picked vegetables from the plot here delivered in boxes in and around Dorset

  36. All vegan!


    Good Full Stop make a range of healthy fruit and nut snack bars from the finest natural wholesome ingredients. They are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans, gluten-free, dairy free and a source of minerals. Good Full Stop bars give full-on flavour and full-on goodness, with 8 delicious flavours to enjoy including 2 exciting new flavours.

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  37. All vegan!


    GOOD Hemp Food products are produced from the superfood hemp seeds. All of our products are produced in the UK and are rich in Omega 3. Not only do they taste GOOD, they are good for you too!

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    To get 15% Off please use Code: LIFTUSFIT15 at the website  http://www.goodhempnutrition.com/

  38. All vegan!


    Quality Natural Dairy Free Products

    GoodCarma Foods specialises in a range of alternative natural, dairy free products. Our aim is to help people with special dietary requirements or those who want to live a healthy whole food lifestyle.

    The Flavour Fusion Range

    Flavour Fusions is our initial range of parmesan style dairy free products packaged in shaker tubes and made with ground almonds, yeast flakes, and Himalayan pink mineral salt.

    We currently have 3 great flavours for you to try Original, Garlic and Chilli with more coming soon.

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    The Goodness Project carefully curate boxes filled with exceptional healthy, balanced food products and occasional personal care & lifestyle products. They read all the labels for you and hand-pick the latest vegan, healthy and natural products that are good for you, your family and the planet.

    You can choose between the Mini box (5-6 products) or Maxi box (8-10 products) and you can select the length of your subscription (rolling monthly or 3 and 6-month subscriptions). We never include the same product twice, so every month you will discover new exciting vegan goodies!

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    Enter Coupon code VLA20 above your details at checkout, then click Apply Coupon, BEFORE going to the payment method of credit card or PayPal

  40. All vegan!


    Goody Good Stuff is an all natural, vegan alternative to traditional gelatine based gummy sweets. The range is free from gluten, dairy, soy and nuts and is safe for almost everyone! Made using extract of fruits and vegetables the range is a truly delicious alternative.

  41. All vegan!


    Goodyfull Organic nutrient-rich foods to your door with Goodyfull’s flexible subscription. Pause, reschedule or cancel any time, no questions asked.

    We celebrate all those who understand what is wonderful and beneficial about a blissful and balanced life and are taking all the right steps to achieve it.

    We understand that our customers are on their own individual journey in regards to nutrition, physical activity and mindset. That’s why Goodyfull provides the knowledge and tools that will help regardless of your personal goals, rather than dictating how you should eat or exercise.

    You know yourself best!

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  42. All vegan!


    Gozo Deli produces a range of Casheese: an organic, cashew alternative to cream cheese. Their Casheese tastes remarkably similar to dairy cream cheese, but also has its own special flavour profile, ripened to produce a tangy taste and infused with fresh herbs and spices. All of their products are organic and free from dairy, gluten, soya and additives.

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    To get 10% enter the Promo Code VLACARD16 under Coupons at checkout, and click the REDEEM button

  43. All vegan!


    Great Food is a range of seriously tasty vegan bites. Made from irresistible combinations of vegetables, herbs and spices and baked, not fried. 100% natural and completely allergen free so everyone can enjoy their satisfying flavour!

  44. All vegan!


    100% vegan, award winning cakes for all occasions. Whether your style is traditional or something a bit different, Hannah Banana Bakery will work with you to create your perfect cake from cupcakes to intricate tiered cakes.

     Since opening in 2011 we have won many awards including “Best cakes” at the UK vegan awards two years running and the PETA Great Vegan bake off 2013.  Our bakery is 100% vegan and made by a vegan of 14 years so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with no chance of cross contamination.


  45. Information

    Hodmedod works with British farmers to source the best ingredients and offer a range of delicious foods, including dried and canned pulses, quinoa, and snack roasted beans and peas. We love searching out little-known foods, like fava beans – grown in Britain since the Iron Age– “black badger” carlin peas and quinoa.

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    Use discount code VEGAN10 when ordering at http://hodmedods.co.uk/shop/

  46. All vegan!


    Spice up your dish with a generous splash of a Mild or Mega Hot Hot Face Sauces luxury Chilli Sauce.
    Made right here in Kent using the freshest, finest locally sourced ingredients possible, award winning Hot Face Sauces are not only great tasting but provide a real boost to the Kent food and drink industry. Remember – Support Local, Buy Local!
    As a small family run business, we want our sauces to be healthy and something that we would be happy for our children to eat so we focus on keeping our ingredients whole, fresh and additive free (this includes any artificial capasacin extract to increase the sauce heat level).
    Our sauces are made in small batches ensuring the quality and care is in place meaning the sauces you enjoy are of the highest possible quality and taste which means every stakeholder is delighted with the end product especially our ever increasing customer base.
    Sound good? Why not pop over to one of our local stockist, visit us online or see us at one of the many regional or national food shows that we attend and try some of our amazing sauces?

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    HUN Foods – 100% pure, traditional pumpkin seed oil. It tastes smooth yet nutty and compliments several foods, such as salads, soups, main dishes and more.

    Salted and roasted and wasabi coated pumpkin seeds.

    Pumpkin seeds and oil are natural source of vitamins which strengthens the immune system, and improve physical stamina. They are rich in Omega 3 and 6, iron, zinc…

    Due to its antioxidant content, pumpkin seed oil slows down the ageing process. It is no coincidence that the beauty industry recognises its benefits.

    All the oils and pumpkin seeds are vegan (some other snacks contain honey, but are being phased out).

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    For 10% discount on all online orders Enter PROMO / COUPON CODE: VLA2016 at the basket

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    At Italian Craft Beers they believe in Quality, Traditions and Passion: these are the drivers which pushed them to start this adventure in 2014.   They started selecting and selling the best Italian Craft Beers. The project has evolved since they started:

    32 Via dei birrai became the first Italian micro brewery CRAFT BEER to be certified vegan (except Nectar), and try the  *NEW* range of 100% Vegan beers from HIBU brewery – very interesting.

    Barley Brewery beers are suitable for vegans, (except the Zagara) as well as the beers from Birrificio del Forte

    EXCITING NEWS: ICB are now the exclusive importer and distributor of Fattoria Casabianca vegan certified winery.  In stock are two 3 Red Wines: 2 Chianti Riserva andOne canaiolo and 1 White Vermentino 

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    Enter VLS10 to get 10% discount on all our beers (min order is a case of 6 bottles).

  49. All vegan!


    Kate hand makes delicious and decorative dairy free cakes in Poole, Dorset. All her bakes and decorations are 100% vegan and she can provide everything from a treat of a box of cupcakes to beautiful celebration and wedding cakes.

    For cupcake flavour options please seehttp://katesdairyfreecakes.com/cupcakes/

    On sale at these events: http://katesdairyfreecakes.com/events/

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    To get Box of 12 cupcakes for £19 (usual price £24) please mention you are a itseasy2bvegan follower, orShow your itseasy2bvegan! card

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    Kitchen Buddy offer Nutritional Therapy private sessions, 60-90 mins in Blackheath or home visit.
    Fast & Fun Raw Food & Vegan Cookery Courses, Wild Food Foraging, no-bake cakes & sugar-free desserts.
    Handmade Organic and Fairtrade Raw Chocolate, Gluten-free cakes made to order


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  51. All vegan!


    Kizzy’s Cookies, home to delicious chewy vegan cookies with a conscience.

    They are London based and  believe cookies should be as good as they taste, so everything they bake is 100% free from eggs, dairy and any animal products.

    You see they’re on a bit of a mission to change the way the world feels about vegan food one cookie at a time.

  52. All vegan!


    Koko Dairy Free Original is a unique Vegan alternative to cow’s milk made with freshly pressed coconut milk.  It’s 100% allergen free, containing no dairy, soya, or nuts.

    It tastes remarkably like cow’s milk on breakfast cereals or in cooking, and doesn’t curdle in tea or coffee.

    RSP from £1.39 for 1 Litre from all major Supermarkets and Health Food stores.

  53. All vegan!


    The Pizzolato family has been working in agriculture sector for more than three generations living in harmony with nature and the n. The estate covers an area of 58 hectares and it also collaborates with 5 other producers. We produce only organic and Vegan certificated wines like the following DOC grapes varieties: Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Nero, Raboso. We have a line of no added sulphites wines.

    Since 1985 we support organic agriculture and since 1991 the company is verified by a control law Italian organism and also making-wine and bottling techniques are verified by a new European charter of organic wine.The best result is obtained thanks to continued control and to precise personal care of Settimo Pizzolato and of his staff of 15 co-workers.All of our production is Organic and Vegan certificated.

  54. All vegan!


    Laurianne’s Raw Cakes from a french raw vegan cake maker living in Glasgow! All their products are vegan and free from soy, gluten & refined sugar. They make their sweet treats blending together plant-based ingredients such as nuts, dates, spices, fruits and seeds. Their products are a great source of essential nutrients such as proteins, fibres, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. You do not need to be vegan to enjoy Laurianne’s Raw Cakes raw desserts, you just need to like cakes!

    They use organic ingredients as much as possible and source most of their products from the Green City Coop in Glasgow. Due to the nature of their products they are currently only selling around the central belt of Scotland but They are hoping to be able to post them soon. They also plan to start raw dessert workshops and expand their range of cakes this year. If you want to keep up-to-date with their progress, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Treat yourself to a healthy dessert!

    Member offer

    Mention discount code VLA30 when ordering via email

  55. All vegan!


    Lettices is the home of super tasty plant-based meat, cheese and all the extras, eat some badass food, that’s it. From Camembear Spread to melting Mozzarella balls, BBQ sticky Ribs to Salty Feta and much more, Lettices have your cheese and meat needs covered. They are launching their online store on the 1st July and are up and down the country doing festivals and markets, they hope to meet you soon!

  56. All vegan!


    Artisan and handmade top class products made of best ingredients in a raw food and organic quality. Welcome in the Lifefood world.
    Certified quality – our products are gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan certified. No refined sugar nor any kind of artificial sweeteners are added. Lifefood manufactures its products under very strict self-imposed rules and philosophy. To ensure the final products are healthy and good for optimal nutrition, we use the top quality, highest grade ingredients.
    Lifefood is not only about producing excellent food. We care. We care about the environment, animals and people working for us in the fields, on the farms, in the gardens or in the offices. We search for the best plants, fruits and seeds around the world so people working for us are scattered round the globe from Uzbekistan to Peru. We believe in fair trade, we believe a happy worker produce valuable products full of love. Good relations between people, producers and customers are future and only possible way of sustainable business. Sustainable life for all of us.

  57. Information

    Little Green Steps stock 1000s of eco-friendly and ethical household items including cleaning, gardening and outdoors, giftware, health and nutrition, pet care, personal care, raw chocolate, skin care and toiletries. Over two thirds of their product range is vegan and this is growing all the time.  Little Green Steps welcome enquiries from vegans who are seeking vegan products for the home. Follow their social media campaigns for special offers, eco/ethical living tips and innovation and product spotlights.

    Member offer

    Please enter the discount code VEGANLIFEASSOC at checkout.

  58. Information

    Local Bakehouse for delicious freshly made Vegan cakes and chocolate fudge for all occasions, including weddings and birthdays.  Cake flavours include vanilla, chocolate, lemon zest, orange zest, ginger and fruit.
    We’re always keen to expand our range of vegan products.  Please let us know if there’s something you’ve been craving but can’t find!

    Member offer

    Just need to quote VLA when you see us to get 10% off the 1st order

  59. All vegan!


    Lombardia Drinks are holistic, wholesome drinks. They are blends of 100% pure, organically or fairtrade certified ingredients, ensuring optimal quality and sustainability. Certified vegan, GMO free, gluten free, a rich source of natural fibre. 100% natural, free of preservatives or additives such as colorants. Healthy energy and vitality boosters, thanks to the high concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are both delicious as hot or cold drinks.

    Lombardia Drinks are available at Holland and Barret & organic stores in EU

  60. All vegan!


    LycoLife Lycopene drinks are nutritious, fruity drinks and contain 30mg of Lycopene in each 300 ml bottle. They come in a variety of flavours and have a smoothie-like consistency. Perfect as a breakfast or after workout drinks as well as a delicious snack in between meals.

    Lycopene is one of the strongest antioxidants obtained from a plant. According to various research it helps to slow down the cellular processes of aging and deters changes in cells that increase the risk of cancerous tissue development. It helps fight free radicals, improve skin and heart health.

    The drink is 100% natural, i.e. no artificial colours or flavours, it is gluten free and has no added sugar.

    Currently available flavours:

    • Apple and Peach
    • Apple and Grapes and
    • Multivitamin / Mixed fruit

    With more flavours coming soon.

    Member offer

    At the Cart please click on “[+] Add Coupon” and enter Vegan15 to get the discount

  61. Information

    Ma Devlin’s Premium Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is different with an absolutely delicious taste and cold pressed from fresh organic coconuts without any heat during the production cycle ensures the premium quality and freshness of our coconut oil, its natural and unrefined. No cholesterol or trans fats its pure cold pressed oil great and is available 500 ml jars. Excellent for cooking up to 350°F/176°C. Can be used as a dairy-free alternative to butter in baking and all of your favorite foods. Can be used as a luxurious body moisturiser. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

    Member offer

    Use coupon code vla20 – to gain a 20% discount on this organic coconut oil

  62. All vegan!


    Marchpane & Medlar are purveyors of scrumptious vegan celebration cakes and catering in Bristol and the South West. All our products are made using only plant-based ingredients and are entirely animal-free. We also use fairtrade, organic, seasonal and locally grown produce wherever possible.

    Member offer

    Confirm that you are an follower of itseasy2bvegan! when ordering wedding cake(s)

  63. All vegan!


    Miller Green cook their dishes fresh each week day in our Cotham kitchen and deliver Tuesday to Saturday between 5 and 8pm. Just check the website to find out the menu for the day and call them any time between 10am and 8pm to place your order, and they’ll deliver your delicious, healthy supper to your door, anywhere in Central Bristol.
    Leafy Green brings together classical and international flavours and techniques to create beautifully balanced vegetable based dishes. Whilst their food is totally vegan, they design dishes with complexity, texture and flavour to appeal to everyone – even the most dedicated meat eater.


    Member offer

    Say you are a follower of itseasy2bvegan! when placing your 1st order to get 10% off the first order & a free brownie or flapjack

  64. All vegan!


    Moo Free is a world leading manufacturer of vegan, dairy free, gluten free and organic confectionery products that actually taste like milk chocolate. To achieve this they have replaced cows milk with rice milk to create a delicious, milk chocolate taste that doesn’t require a single cow.

    Even better still, their award winning dairy free and vegan chocolates are also gluten free, wheat free, soya free, lactose free and casein free.

    Finally, because Moo Free care about you and the environment all of their vegan chocolates are made using organic and ethically sourced ingredients all wrapped up in fun, environmentally friendly packaging.

  65. All vegan!


    More Than Meat says “I studied plant-based nutrition at e-cornell and started eating a plant based diet. Vegan convenience foods were not to my taste, lacking flavour or being high in salt, fat and sugar, so I made my own”.

    More Than Meat focus as a business is on TFT – Taste Flavour and Texture. Their products are good for consumers, the planet and animals. They aim to provide tasty products that people can trust. Their goal is to become the most trusted vegan food brand in the UK and beyond.   All of More Than Meat products are made by hand. The range includes: Burgers, Lorne Sausages, Casseroles and Sausage Rolls

    Member offer

    Spend over £40 and use coupon code VLA40 and get £5 off total order;

    Spend over £50 and use coupon code VLA50 to get £10 off total order

  66. Information

    Mr Organic works closely together with their farmers and producers to bring you food that is honest, ethical and full of delicious goodness.

    Beginning with an award-winning range of tomato products made from their own Italian, sun-ripened tomatoes, they now have an extensive range of cooking staples and speciality products from pasta sauces to chocolate spreads, all using nature’s best ingredients.

    All products are veggie-friendly and most certified vegan. They also provide gluten-free, no added sugar and low salt options.

    Their tinned tomatoes and jars are BPA-free! (Yippee!!)

  67. All vegan!


    Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes are egg free, dairy free and nut free.
    Made with a specially selected blend of Organic and natural ingredients, they are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians and anyone with a sweet tooth! They are also allergy-friendly . No eggs needed . Yay!

    Delicious bakes that taste just like home made. Double Yay!

    Member offer

    Enter Coupon Code discount10 at the shopping cart for 10% off all products being purchased

  68. Information

    Munchy Seeds toasted seeds naturally crammed with real goodies like minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre from Munchy Seeds. Nutritious nibbles to snack or sprinkle. Yum!

    Munchy Seeds are suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, are gluten, wheat and yeast free and contain absolutely nothing artificial. Available in tubs and snack packs and 8 delicious varieties.   Sprinkle them over  breakfast or lunch, stir them in to a soup or casserole or just nibble away for a nutritious snack. Sweet or savoury, you choose.

    To see all the vegan products please put ‘vegan’ in the top right search box

    Member offer

    To get 10% off throughout 2016 please enter VEGAN16 checkout, top left – where it says have a coupon?

  69. All vegan!


    My Vegan Supermarket is the easy way to search UK Supermarkets for vegan products.

    The site is still a work in progress and will be continually updated over the coming months.

  70. Information

    Natural Nutrients is a retailer and developer of natural, clean and ethically sourced supplements, superfoods and protein powders. Their best-selling Vegan product is their Faba Bean Protein Powder which is new to the UK, 100% allergen free and they say very pleasantly tasting versus other Vegan Protein alternatives that are already on the market, but don’t just take their word for it!

    Check carefully as only FABA BEAN VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER is vegan on the website!

    Member offer

    15% off first order enter Coupon code: VLA15 in the cart
    10% off first orderenter Coupon code: VLA10in the cart

  71. All vegan!


    Nudie Snacks are scrumptious little morsels of goodness made from the finest fresh slices of coconut carefully toasted to perfection. These all-natural and vegan-friendly coconut chips are great for snacking or for baking.

  72. All vegan!


    Raw Artisanal Treenut Cheeze

    Our cheeze is handcrafted by culturing raw wholesome nuts using a process similar to traditional dairy fermentation thus resulting in a natural texture and an authentic umami flavour.  We produce soft and semi-soft cheeze (mozzarella, goat or cream cheese) as well as aged and air-dried ones (pecorino, cheddar or gouda cheese).  A good source of vegetable proteins and probiotics, Nutcrafter Cheeze contains no gluten, no casein, no soy, no yeast and is lactose and cholesterol free. Furthermore, it’s made with absolutely no preservatives, artificial ingredients or additives of any kind. Needless to say, it’s 100% dairy free and 100% vegan!

    Member offer

    At checkout, on the right above your order Please use discount code Number: 5ZVL94YYKBPZ to redeem this offer

  73. All vegan!


    Nuto is a range of healthy, delicious lotus seed snacks. The first of it’s kind, it is suitable for vegan, vegetarians and is a great source of minerals and protein, and contains less than 100 calories a bag.

    If you’re looking for a snack that is not only low in calories but is nutritious, grab Nuto. Available in 2 flavours – chose from the classic salt and pepper or indulge in the bursting flavours of Maple and Smoked Paprika. Ask them all about lotus seed…because it’s new, but here to stay!

    Nuto would  love to hear what you think about them. So please leave them a review, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook! Nuto post many interesting articles on Linkedin too! Join the Nuto family.

  74. All vegan!


    All hand packed in London, Of the Earth Superfoods offers the largest, wildest range of organic superfoods, which will constantly surprise you. We offer single superfood ingredients, creamy beverage blends & teas, healthy ready-to-eat snacks and on-the-go superfood cereal pots. With our unique combinations focusing on tasty as well as nutritious options, our superfoods will quickly become favourites in your everyday eating routine. Our products made with no added sugar nor salt and 100% vegan.  All products are made exclusively of Superfoods – so you won’t have any guilt about wolfing the lot!

  75. All vegan!


    Ombar Chocolate is the high vibe treat that not only tastes good, but also does good. Our range of vibrantly delicious raw chocolate bars are sweetened with coconut sugar and packed with healthy ingredients like fruits and friendly bacteria. Ombar’s surprisingly smooth and creamy chocolate is dairy-free, organic, gluten-free, soy-free and contains no refined sugar. All bars are made with love from our own factory in Cambridge.
    Flavours: Coco Mylk, Dark 72%, Coconut 60%, Strawberries & Cream, Acai & Blueberry, Goji Berry, Cranberry & Mandarin, Lemon & Green Tea.

  76. All vegan!
    • 02035811080
    • Facebook
    • Ealing, West London


    Fully organic grocery store and deli offers 100% organic, plant-based products at affordable prices so it is accessible to everyone!

    Member offer

    Quote ‘VLA Organic for the People’ in store.

  77. All vegan!


    RAW . ORGANIC . HANDMADE. Chocolate that’s full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Chocolate without preservatives, that’s Low GI, vegan, and free from gluten, dairy, and soy. A guilty pleasure that’s not so guilty after all.  Chocolate for everyone.

    Current Flavours: Mint, Raw Cacao, Orange, Fig & Wild Orange, Coconut & Goji, Eighty, Cinnamon, Sour Cherry & Vanilla, Nuts

  78. Information

    We produce an award winning range of over 20 organic vegan beers of many styles and tastes. Our beers are made from the finest malt and hops, and contain no isinglass finings, which is a beer clarification agent derived from fish. We get our beers to clear by good brewing practice, and allowing the beer additional time to clear.

    Member offer


  79. All vegan!


    Prana Drinks Raw organic kombucha with serious sass!  Packed full of natural goodness to keep your body balanced and energised, we ferment our teas with a magical culture, then ta-da!  Bubbles and sweet zing.  Made by vegans for everyone… Happy days!  

    We’ll be rolling out our new look branding along with our online store early 2016.  In the meantime, you can find us ‘in the buff’ at Anna Loka, Cardiff, and Govinda’s, Swansea.  

  80. All vegan!


    Prêt à Pousser Go Grow Mushrooms are kits to grow vegan, organic, edible oyster mushrooms (grey, yellow, or pink) at home with no hassle. Just open the kit, spray with water every morning, and harvest after 10 days. Then, enjoy in risotto, on toast, or in your favourite mushroom recipe. The mushrooms are all natural and grow on recycled straw substrate. Each kit yields at least two 300 gram harvests…guaranteed!

    Member offer

    At checkout please enter Voucher code: VLA1516

    Code is valid for one use per customer and may not be combined with any other offer

  81. Information

    At Pulsin’ we make natural protein bars, protein powders and healthy treats that are as good for you as they taste. Packed full of natural ingredients and organic goodness, our products are free from nasties, high in protein and low GI, making them perfect for the whole family.

  82. All vegan!


    Pure Goodness is a premium brand of superfoods made from naturally nutrient-rich ingredients that truly nourish you. They believe in feeding their bodies clean and natural ingredients straight from the source. Pure Goodness products are minimally processed to protect their natural goodness and free from GMO’s and any artificial ingredients, flavors and colors. Pure Goodness, say they offer you wholesome nutrition in it’s purest form.

    Pure Goodness donate 1% of all sales towards feeding hunger.

    All products are non gmo verified, dairy, gluten soy free and 100% vegan and paleofriendly

    Member offer

    To get 25% off any purchase + free shipping please enter coupon code “VLA25” during checkout online

  83. All vegan!


    Pure Maple 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup is produced and packed in Canada to bring you a truly authentic taste. Manually tapped by a small cooperative of experienced producers in South East Quebec, our Canadian Maple Syrup is packed full of antioxidants and natural nutrients, with nothing added or taken away. This means that you can enjoy delicious, real maple syrup every time.

  84. All vegan!


    PureChimp Matcha Green Tea and Skincare Products

    If you thought that green tea was good for you, wait until you’re clued up on matcha. With 10 times the goodness of regular green tea per cup,

  85. All vegan!


    Purple Carrot – the first and only all Vegan store in Liverpool!
    Bringing you whole foods, organic fruit and veg, cakes, beauty, sweets, treats and more! 100% vegan

    And the allotment cafe is open as a pop-up restaurant on Thursday and Friday evenings (pre-booked) and open on Saturdays for lunch


  86. Information

    Raven Chocolate make vegan, dairy free, refined sugar free and gluten free chocolate.

    They use coconut milk and coconut sugar to make most of their products and only use 2-4 ingredients.

    There is no preservatives or additives and all ingriedents are organically sourced

  87. Information

    Activated Nuts are vital for vegans! Easier to digest after the soaking activation process then dehydrated instead of roasted. Raw Ecstasys delicious activated nuts come with vegan raw chocolate, various flavours, plain bulk sizes for culinary use and stoneground into the smoothest nut butters on the market.

    Member offer

    enter coupon code “veganlife” at the check out of our online shop

  88. All vegan!


    RAWITO – Raw Ice creams say:  In our time, being healthy is valued more then it was.  What are we doing in order to maintain our healthy condition? They decided for Raw food and elimination of some undesirable nutritives from their diet.   RAWITO think that it’s time to end the indifference with our bodies, nature and other living beings. We need to retake the responsibility for our own health and prosperity.

  89. All vegan!


    Southampton’s totally vegan superstore making ethical shopping affordable and easy! We stock loose wholefoods; general groceries; chilled ad frozen ranges; organic fruit and veg; household goods and gifts; lots of chocolate and confectionary; toiletries and cosmetics as well as a deli counter filled with freshly prepared cakes, savouries, salads and treats! We are a worker’s co-operative, located in the heart of the city.

    *** Visit us on the 18th July to receive 15% off all your shopping! We are celebrating being open for two years and will have samples, freebies, a raffle and for one day only hotdogs! ***

  90. All vegan!


    Rupert’s Street is a vegan street food caterer that produces imaginative food that’s all prepared with passion by us! We only use the best local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients to create our healthy and innovative menu, that is fairly priced and delicious.

    Rupert’s Street cater for all manner of occasions and we operate at markets and events across London.

    Please check at rupertsstreet.com to see where we will be next.

    Member offer

    Mention itseasy2bvegan! and get 15% off any meal – or Show your itseasy2bvegan! card

  91. All vegan!


    SAF RAW Original pioneers of the raw food movement in London, Saf Life is launching a new range of innovative raw, vegan and gluten free healthy snack products under the ‘Saf Raw’ brand. The company was born from a passion to help people achieve optimum health and wellbeing through holistic nutrition. The signature range has been developed to provide unique flavour combinations and textures. This includes; Kale Crisps, Activated Crackers, Coconut Chips, Activated Nuts, Fruity Coconut Pastilles, Cereal Bites and Nutty Nori. Packaged in attractive and stylish plastic tubes and pouches, they come in convenient grab-and-go recyclable packaging

  92. All vegan!


    Savvy Foods say – Carob is back! This ancient superfood and powerful antioxidant is a rising star in foodieland. Savvy’s award winning range of tasty, nutritious sweet carob spreads, snacks and powders (raw and oven-roasted) are all certified organic by the Soil Association.

    Savvy Foods are full of goodies and free from nasties, including gluten, dairy, soya, nuts, oil, added sugar, GMO and caffeine. The founders take inspiration from their passion for Qi-Gong and Yoga into the development of the products; not only do they taste great but also excellent for body, mind and soul.  Eat Savvy, Live Savvy.

    Member offer

    Please enter VEGAN10X at checkout

  93. All vegan!


    Mheat from Sgaia – Artisan Vegan Meats is vegan and is the first building block of our new, Italian plant-based living and we’re very excited to share it with you.

    We are the first UK based artisan producers of such a product and have put enormous effort in making it a valid, tasty, satisfying protein rich ingredient that can be used by vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. It crisps when fried, becomes tender in stews and can be chopped, sliced into strips, stuck on kebab sticks, ground to a rough mince and even sliced thinly and made into a hearty sandwich filling just as it is. We will be offering a smoked version in the coming year, and will be introducing several additional varieties as the business grows.

  94. All vegan!


    Shop Vegan sells an extensive range of vegan products ranging from supplements and body care products to vegan confectionery, clothing and cosmetics. Leading brands stocked include Deva Nutritionals, Veganicity, Pacifica, Yaoh!, Moo Free, Go Max Go, Beauty Without Cruelty, Vego, Skin Blossom, Goody Good Stuff, Zero Zebra and many more. The parent company (Green Valley Trading Co.) has been trading since 1999. The company is 100% vegan owned and run and is registered with the Vegan society too.

    Member offer

    To claim your discount of 10% off orders over £20 in value please enter code VLADISC10 at the checkout

  95. All vegan!


    Snact make deliciously sustainable snacks. They buy ugly and unwanted fruit from British farmers to act on food waste. The fruit is blended into a smoothie then dried into fruit jerky on a family farm in Kent.

    Their hand made fruit jerky is vegan and gluten free as it’s made with whole fresh fruit and fresh purees. They don’t use any concentrates, additives, or preservatives, just 100% fruit. Their packaging is home compostable helping us to reduce waste even further.

    Member offer

    10% discount with code EASY2BVEGAN at checkout

  96. All vegan!


    Solkiki Chocolatemaker is Vegan owned and operated exclusively by Iris and Bob, Solkiki handcraft white, mylk, dark and unroasted chocolate in small batches, from bean to bar, using fine-flavoured or heirloom cacao beans and cold-pressed cacao butter.

    Solkiki trade ethically and as directly as possible with single estates or co-ops and perform every step of the chocolatemaking process in a renewably-powered factory. Solkiki never use industrial couverture, artificial flavourings or other added fats or fillers.

    Created in a dairy-free environment, dairy free, GMO free, every product by Solkiki is vegan-made and by vegans, their chocolate will always be vegan and is for everyone to enjoy!  Solkiki show its not just easy to be vegan, but it’s actually tastier.

    Member offer

    At the cart  input VLA5  in the ‘Apply Coupon’ box for the 5% discount

  97. All vegan!


    Handmade spice pastes that are always natural, vegan and gluten-free.

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    Please enter code VLA5% at the checkout

  98. Information

    Sukrin make a range of all-natural, zero calorie sugar alternatives, gluten-free whole food flours, and free-from bread and cake mixes.

    All of Sukrin’s products, except for their Cake Mix, are suitable for vegans.

  99. All vegan!


    At Superoots our mission is simple:
    ·Build more awareness to the benefits of consuming vegetables
    ·Drive people away from consuming processed fast foods, and get back to eating healthier foods closer to nature
    ·Provide the market with a healthy drink alternative to the traditional sugary soft drinks and fruit smoothies

  100. All vegan!


    Sweet Revolution chocolate is raw and vegan created using nutritious, wholefood ingredients and freefrom dairy, gluten, refined cane sugar and soya, and is currently available in nine different flavoured bars – Dark, Ginger, Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, Lime, Vanilla, Black Cherry and Hazelnut.

    Sweet Revolution currently manufacture a range of 4 innovative and unique Instant Drinks – Hot Chocolate, Turmeric Latte, Matcha Latte and Reishi Latte.  They’re all nourshing and delicious, dairy-free and refined sugar free, and use a range of fabulous superfoods.  Simple to make by just adding water, they make a convenient and portable hot drink.

    Also available is a Vegan Coconut Milk Powder, which is delicious added to recipes such as smoothies, porridge, curries and soups – and you can also add warm water to make coconut milk or cream.  As lactose is routinely added in the drying process of coconut milk, this is a rare find.

    Member offer

    Please Use Coupon Code Vegan15 at the shopping cart

  101. Information

    Our peas are home-grown green marrowfats; that have been seasoned with vegetarian friendly ingredients and roasted to make them nice and crunchy.  Each one of our 4 delicious flavours (Sweet Chilli Salsa, Cheesy Peasy & Onion, Smoked Ham and Wacky Wasabi) has been carefully created with the nations favourite crisp flavours in mind.  They’re sealed tight in our foil fresh packs, which have been conveniently served considering healthy snacking and portion control; each provides less than 145 calories per packet (not per serving as other savoury snacks misleadingly state). All except Cheesy Peasy are Vegan.

    Member offer

    At the TOP of the Checkout page it says 

    Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code

    Enter the code VLA10 and click Apply Coupon

  102. All vegan!


    An amazing range of 2 in 1 natural and organic plant protein superfood.

    that protein is a range of natural plant proteins infused with superfood for a 100% “nothing added” and free from dairy, added sugars and GMO nutrition boost. Makes fantastic protein shakes, add it to smoothies to porridge or in baking to fortify. There are three options I heart Pumpkin Seed Protein with Chia which is high in protein, fibre and Omega 3; Happy happy hemp protein with Baobab which is high in protein, fibre and vitamin C and Blissful Brown Rice Protein with raw cacao which is high in protein, fibre and antioxidants.

    The product is vegan but suitable for all!

    Member offer

    Put  in code FSHIP (code discounts the cost of shipping at the checkout)

  103. Information

    Artisan chocolates made for Michelin Starred Restaurants, Royalty and Luxury Hotels. We use no cream, butter, eggs or gelatin in our chocolates which means a great deal of our range is vegan, including our Michelin star supplied dark salted caramel. Creating exquisite moments of unforgettable experience.

    Member offer

    Use code VLA15

  104. All vegan!


    The Coconut Company stock a variety of premium Coconut Foods including coconut oils, sugar, flour, a range of raw vinegars, a selection of cooking sauces and coconut milk powder.

    All ofThe Coconut Company products are suitable for Vegans and almost everything is organically certified.

    Only the good stuff!

    Member offer

    Get 20% off entering coupon code london20 on the shopping cart when you spend over £15

  105. All vegan!


    It’s easy to be vegan with Frank* Honest Snacking!

    Frank* bars come in 5 delicious flavours and are made from 100% natural, animal friendly ingredients including gluten-free oats, fruit and dairy-free coconut chocolate. At just 120 Kcal per bar and with 4g added protein these bars provide and easy way to be honestly healthy and honestly kind.

    GF, NF, DF.

    Member offer

    £2.00 off orders from www.thefrankfoodcompany.com (not including sale products, minimum purchase 1 box/20 bars)

    Please enter veganlifestyle2014 for the discount

  106. All vegan!


    Notts Nut House would like to introduce you to my product range “Nuts About”. These come in 5 flavours Bacon, Cajun, Piri Piri,Salt & Vinegar & Habanero & Garlic. The nuts are all blended, bagged and sealed by hand and even the logo is hand stamped on every bag. All of our flavours are 100% Vegetarian & Vegan friendly.

    Member offer

    Use discount code VLA10% on the website or via any other correspondence

  107. All vegan!


    The Raw Chocolate Company make multi award winning raw chocolate bars, raw chocolate snacks and superfood ingredients, so you can make your own amazing chocolate creations!
    Their chocolate is organic, Fairtrade and vegan.
    Good for the environment, good for the growers, and good for you!
    The Raw Chocolate Company have 6 raw chocolate bars in 2 sizes – 44g and 22g, and they also have raw chocolate snacks – mulberries, raisins, goji berries, golden berries, and sweet apricot kernels coated in their amazing raw chocolate. Added to these the exceedingly popular Vanoffe Mulberries. Their superfoods include Cacao Powder, Nibs and Butter. Enjoy!

    Member offer

    Redeem this code at the checkout: VLA1515

  108. All vegan!


    Cupcakes, Large cakes, Home cake mixes, Specialities, V’urd & Caramel, Battenburgs, Bakewell tarts, Celebration cakes, Personalised cakes, Valentine, Easter & Halloween
    The Vegan Cakery was born out of a passion and desire to show vegan diets can be every bit as tasty, if not more so, than a ‘conventional’ diet containing animal products and animal by-products.
    Our aim is to show vegan cake and treats can be every bit as delectable as any other – something of utmost importance to us, as vegans ourselves.
    All of our products are produced in a 100 per cent vegan environment, with no trace of animal products or derivatives.

  109. Information

    Red Veg Caviar (ideal salmon roe substitute) Black Veg Caviar (ideal beluga susbstitute) Wasabi Veg Caviar (ideal for sushi)

    There are no animal or animal derived products in our seaweed pearls or our seaweed pearl spread range

    Follow us on facebook to see great ways on how to use the product.

  110. Information

    Traidcraft’s new ‘fairpalm’ cookies in stem ginger and double chocolate contain no animal-derived ingredients and our new fruity and trail Geobars are also suitable for those following a Vegan diet. Traidcraft is the UK’s leading fair trade organisation, and all Traidcraft products help to support smallholder farmers in developing countries.

  111. All vegan!


    Twisted Barrel Ale exists to create great tasting beers for great people. We produce a core range of beers, which include In Amber Clad, our Rye IPA and The Saison From Another Place, an elderflower Belgian farmhouse style beer and continue to experiment and innovate with our Pilot Series of beers.

    Our Tap House is open from Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturdays from midday.

    All the beer we produce and the food and drink we sell in the tap is entirely vegan.

    For wholesale enquiries please contact sales@twistedbarrelale.co.uk

  112. All vegan!


    Tyne Chease is the UK’s first Artisanal, Organic, 100% Plant Based Cultured and Aged Cheeses based in the North East of England.   It is lovingly handmade by acclaimed vegan chease artisan, Ami Tadaa, in the North East of England using the finest organic ingredients.

    A small family run business, they produce a unique range of 100% plant based, raw chease of the highest quality.Their chease making is inspired by traditional methods going back thousands of years.

    The entire range is authentically cultured and matured – Tyne Chease specialise in chease worthy of the finest wines and perfect for a classic cheaseboard, accompanied by crackers, grapes and chutneys.

    Whether you love chease, follow a plant-based diet, are lactose intolerant or want to cut down on cholesterol, Tyne Chease provides the chance to taste a slice from the cheaseboard of the future.

    Flavours we have are now (all raw, gluten free and soya free): Original, Dill, Garlic, Ethiopian Spice, Smoked, Chilli Flakes, Pink Peppercorn, Sundried Tomato, Mustard, Za’atar Spice, Soft Macadamia.



    Member offer

    Use Coupon Code vladiscount at the CART and click Apply Coupon orShow your itseasy2bvegan! card – print it online or save to your phone at https://itseasy2bvegan.co.uk/associate-card/

  113. All vegan!


    V Essentials stock a large range of vegan foods, drinks and toiletries.

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    Enter discount VLA10 at checkout

  114. All vegan!


    Vegan cafe/lifestyle and record store in the heart of the Northern Quarter

    We offer burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, grilled cheeses and more 7 days a week. Our specials change daily, so drop in and try the biggest vegan burgers in the UK. Hope you’re hungry!

  115. All vegan!


    V Delicious bakes exquisite vegan cupcakes, cookies and layer cakes that are dairy and egg-free, but absolutely full of flavour and the finest natural ingredients. Created by a small team of handpicked bakers, who are passionate about creating dairy-free baked goods; everything that comes out of V Delicious’ kitchens is both heavenly to look at and to eat.  

    Gluten free available on some products

    Member offer

    voucher coming soon

  116. All vegan!


    Vegan Heart Cakes are  a100% vegan cake company based in Bournemouth, specialising in home made baked and raw cakes!
    All their cakes are made with no nasty additives, are mainly organic, gluten free, sugar and soya free, powered by superfoods.
    Vegan Heart Cakes supply cafés, bars and individual customers.

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    Mention your an itseasy2bvegan! follower when ordering to get your 10% discount.

  117. All vegan!


    Vegan Tuck Box offer Monthly vegan subscription boxes, gift boxes and online store. They source exciting, new and hard to find vegan snacks and treats from around the world.

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    Use code ‘Veganlove’ or Show your itseasy2bvegan! card at events

  118. All vegan!


    Vegusto specialise in Swiss 100% plant based gourmet: suppliers of All Natural, Multi-award winning vegan cheeses and meat-free alternatives. Free from Dairy, Cholesterol, Phosphate, Palm Oil, Sugar, Soya, and GMO. Gluten Free options. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Kosher & Halal friendly.

    Member offer

    Details on how to claim the offer: Login/register at www.vegusto.co.uk

    Apply code to your cart: VLAMEMBERS10

    Here’s How:
    1. Add desired items to cart
    2. Proceed to checkout
    3. Enter code VLAMEMBERS10 into the voucher code box
    (10% will be deducted from your 1st order, excluding shipping)

    *Voucher valid: until 12th September 2015

  119. All vegan!


    Veopolis, say they are the world’s first earth-friendly online marketplace…

    Veopolis a conscious compassionate shopping community for everyone, providing a place for customers to buy and a place for ethical vendors to sell: the place where ethics + quality combine (#Ethiquality). Over 400 products from over 40 vendors, all under one roof, and growing everyday! A huge selection from the finest eco-brands, including food & drink, fresh baked snacks & treats, health & beauty, makeup & cosmetics, fitness & nutrition, home & lifestyle, gifts, books, and fashion… which are healthier for us, kinder for animals, and better for our environment.

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    For a special offer please use code ez2bv at checkout at the top where it says 

    “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code” Put in ez2bv and click Apply Coupon

  120. Information

    The first specialist organic wine merchant in the UK, Vintage Roots has spent the past 29 years sniffing out, sampling, importing and distributing a noteworthy selection of certified organic wines, spirits, beers, ciders, juices and related products from all over the world.

    95% of the wines are suitable for vegans – click https://www.vintageroots.co.uk/vegan-organic-wine?SID=f9fd1791b81624eeb0ff841423fa0683 to go to the full list of vegan wines on our shop

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    Use code VDNEW on an order of £60 or more for free delivery

  121. All vegan!


    The Yum Earth Organics range of sweets are new to the UK. They are UK Certified Organic, Vegan and free from the most common allergens including dairy, gluten and nuts. They are also free from high fructose corn syrup and refined sugars, containing instead evaporated cane juice. They taste amazing!

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    Please quote code VLA20 at checkout – BEFORE you click the PayPal button