All vegan!


At Harper’s Bizarre we make handmade top grade soy wax candles that are so rock and roll we think they play air guitar when you’re not looking. ‎We have more fragrances than you can shake a stick at, all poured into our own artisan tins complete with a picture of our rescue dog Flora as our registered trademark. 

One thing you can be sure of is that if we say our Bakewell Tart candle smells like it should then it jolly well does! Our candles are fragranced from the very bottom to the very top and we spend a great deal of time making them as true to their descriptions as we can. 

Our ethics are incredibly important to us and we carry the Vegan Society logo to prove that what we make contains no animal ingredients and we’re non-animal tested from source. Nothing smells as good as ethics. Except maybe chips. And kittens.