Easy Meal Ideas

Being vegan doesn’t have to mean hard work in the kitchen!
As we always say… it’s easy! #itseasy2bvegan

You might be surprised to know that many foods you currently enjoy are already cruelty free and once you’ve made that all important decision to try veganism, help is easily at hand. There’s an ever growing range of convenient ready-made products that can help you to rethink your food choices overnight. You won’t miss out on a thing (not even cheese!) and it means that you can live cruelty free right away. You can then enjoy learning about and cooking new foods at your own pace and embark on a culinary journey of delicious discovery!

Here we’ve added dozens of easy vegan meal ideas to get you started! If you’d like some more involved cooking ideas then head on over to our recipe gallery.

We've chosen to add dishes here that require minimal cooking or kitchen skills - most can be easily assembled in under ten minutes. If you've got a quick and EASY vegan meal idea that we could add here, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you!