Personal products

Living a vegan lifestyle is far more than just a dietary choice. In seeking to eliminate animal suffering, vegans chose personal products that contain no animal derived ingredients and that haven’t been tested on animals. There are thousands of products you can buy so - #itseasy2bvegan! Plus many vegan products are far kinder to the environment and to your body as well. You can be a conscious and conscientious consumer right now.


Three shocking things to note:

  1. A vast amount of personal products still include animal derived ingredients such as beeswax, gelatine and lanolin.
  2. A vast amount of products and component ingredients are still tested on animals before making it to market.
  3. Worst of all – animal derived ingredients and animal testing are completely unnecessary because there are cruelty-free alternatives for everything you could possibly need in your day to day life.

Help from labels:

Choose products officially registered with the Vegan Society. Look for this trademark symbol and buy with confidence.

Choose products featuring with the Plamil vegan trademark logo and you can shop with confidence when you see this.


Choose products with the BUAV ‘Cruelty-free International’ logo (Note of caution: whilst not tested on animals they may contain some animal derived ingredients).


Help from technology:


Choose Cruelty Free

Animal Free




Understanding UK animal testing laws, courtesy of PETA.

A site listing brands with Vegan-friendly products, from Is it Veggie?

An extensive animal ingredients list, courtesy of PETA.

A comprehensive list of animal derived ingredients from

is a great site for searching on product ingredients that you’re unsure of.

Handy feature on Vegan toiletries by Forks to Feet.

Listings of companies that don’t test on animals, compiled by BUAV (Cruelty-Free International).


Help from fellow Vegans:

Gary: “I use apps for my tablet with this info on. Animal-Free Choose Cruelty Free, Cruelty-Free, Is it vegan? all ANDROID”

Anon: “CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) Animal-Free

Peanuts: “I have the app : “vegscan” it’s a little bit difficult to use it for me, French, but for you, it can be good!”

Corey: “I read labels. I keep a product list on my phone to refer to if I’m unsure of anything.”

Dave: “I like Co-op and Superdrug though cos they label their products as #vegan or no
animal ingredients.”

Anon: “I scrutinise labels, use websites, Animal Aid, Vegan & Veggie societiess & see what other ppl say on Twitter.”

Help from us:

  • Save £££’s on 100’s of vegan products today! See our vegan product directory.
  • Learn about products that are cruelty-free and keep up to date by following our active social media feeds [below]. Share your finds with our community using #itseasy2bvegan