Team itseasy2bvegan!

The itseasy2bvegan! team is a passionate, dedicated and diverse mix of people. We ALL work as volunteers, living happy, healthy, vegan lifestyles! This experience, along with our varied skills, enable us to deliver inspiration, information, help, ideas and discounts.

You can find out more about some of team below and chat to us through social media etc. Plus if YOU would like to be more active in helping others to live a vegan lifestyle, then volunteer with us! Please get in touch with us today to find out about current opportunities.

General Contributors

  • Chantal Denny

    Chantal Denny

    Founder, Writer, Social Media

    Chantal has been Vegan since early 2013 and was vegetarian for over a year before this. “I feel like it’s been a kind of awakening with a series of important discoveries that lead me to finally see just how imperative it is to live a Vegan lifestyle. But what really amazed me was just how wonderful a lifestyle it is and how easy it can be these days as well. My conscience is lighter, I'm healthier and I don’t miss a thing from my previous life – to the extent that I think - why wouldn’t someone be Vegan when there are just so many benefits?! I’d urge everyone to open their minds and hearts and to question this non-Vegan world we’ve created – we're killing billions of sentient beings needlessly and destroying everything around us. I want people to see just how different life could be if we embraced Veganism.”

  • Dave Vise

    Dave Vise

    Contributor, Social Media

    For me being vegan means living the simplest healthiest lifestyle while causing the minimum avoidable suffering to other beings.

    I'd like to see the itseasy2bvegan! community become an a place that established, new and vegan-curious individuals could turn to for reliable information, support and encouragement on all matters relating to a vegan lifestyle.

  • David Harrow

    David Harrow

    Founder, Discounts, IT, Social Media

    David was bought up on a farm where it was 'normal' to kill the pigs and thousands of chickens, he even helped with the slaughter as a youngster and was taken by his Dad to the abattoir when very young to see their pigs killed! "The perceived wisdom was that we're superior to other species, and they're here for us to abuse at our will. It wasn't until many years later that I realised that this 'normal' behaviour was cruel and unnecessary abuse to animals who all have feelings, families, who communicate and feel pain. Having now cared for rescued ex battery hens and dogs, it's obvious that they have their own personalities, they know fear, and pain, and communicate within their species, and even to humans, making their needs and wants known. Having now made the realisation that there's no need whatsoever to use or consume any animal products, I want to help spread the word that it's unnecessary. My ambition is to be remembered for helping to make the world aware that the Vegan lifestyle is great, and that it will save our planet and us as individuals." As a side effect, David's blood pressure, diabetes and weight has normalised whilst eating a fabulous array of Vegan food - more range than he ever ate as a carnivore ...

Recipe Contributors

  • Alastair


    Blog: Vegan Up North

    Alastair’s favourite cuisine is Indian (with Thai a close second). He’s known for his date loaf and his ‘go-to’ easy vegan meals are kimchi fried rice or okonomiyaki (a type of Japanese pancake). Alastair won ‘Best Dessert’ in the Virtual Vegan Potluck for his Lime, Coconut, Carrot and Ginger Cake.

  • Emily


    Blog: Vegan Lass

    Emily’s favourite cuisine is Mexican, because it can be so fresh and vibrant. But as a Lancashire Lass she still has a soft spot for old childhood classics like hearty stews, mash and pies. Whilst her cooking style is varied she specializes in creating healthy and vibrant meals based mostly on whole foods and her ‘go-to’ easy vegan meal would be a mean green something (with lots of green veg and herbs!) Emily was a finalist in PETA’s Great Vegan Bake Off with her Dark Chocolate Cupcakes and has featured in Veganuary, Fresh Vegan Magazine, T.O.F.U. Magazine, Peaceful Dumpling, Vegalicious, Fat Gay Vegan, GOVEG, Glasgow Now, and Lancashire Evening Post.

  • Jasmine


    Blog: Self Sufficient Café

    Jasmine say’s she can’t pin her fave food down to just one and loves Thai, Mexican and Italian! If you went to her house for dinner she’d cook you celeriac bisque, mushroom risotto and a chocolate pudding, with broad bean "cheese" and olive crackers to finish! Her ‘go-to’ easy vegan meal is Mushroom Ragu. Jasmine’s work has featured in Fresh Vegan magazine, The Vegan Kind Subscription box, Mino Valley "Animal Friendly Cookbook" and "My Vegan Mind" website. She also writes for, and FoodFotoGallery, is a Suma Wholefoods blogger and is currently participating in the Vegan Mofo challenge!

  • Kathryn


    Blog: Full Bellies on a Budget: The Vegan Recipe Blog.

    Kathryn loves Indian food like a big bowl of lentil and chickpea Dahl – “a proper 'Belly Hug' kinda meal!” She enjoys cooking hearty, savory food and her ‘no meat and potato pie with carrot pastry’ has proved to be the most popular. For cheap, easy mid-week cooking she recommends her ''meatballs kale and chickpea stirfry.'' Kathryn’s work features on the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ website and she is (secretly) the force behind the wonderful and very popular @veganrecipehour #veganrecipehour every Thursday 8pm GMT!

  • Katy


    Blog: Little Miss Meat-Free

    Katy loves Thai food (especially with a coconut sauce, crushed peanuts and plenty of lime!). Her signature dishes are Lemon and Courgette Tagliatelle as well as Victoria Sponge Cake! Her ‘go-to’ easy vegan meal is her 15- Minute Chickpea and Spinach Curry. Katy won PETA’s Great British Vegan Bakeoff with her fabulous Ombre Vanilla Cake! She also did the first ever Vegan cooking demo at Yum Food Festival and has featured in Healthy magazine, BBC Radio Humberside, Hull Daily Mail, Vilda magazine, the Animal Friendly Cookbook by Mino Sanctuary. She’s a blogger for Suma Wholefoods and Froothie and has been nominated for Vegfest and Viva! Awards.

  • Lindsay


    Blog: Leicester Veggie

    On favourite foods Lindsay says “What a tough question! I love all food, so it's difficult for me to pick just one.” As she grew up in Arizona her signature dishes have a Mexican influence and include tortilla soup, potato tacos, guacamole and burrito bowls. For quick and easy mid-week meals Lindsay says it has to be soup! “There is something about the cold, rainy British winters that make you want to snuggle up with a warming bowl of veggie soup. They're easy to throw together and make great leftovers for lunch the following day.” Lindsay hopes that her blog will inspire people to try veganism and that more local restaurants will start to offer vegan foods and promote those dishes to the public.

  • Lucy


    Blog: Vegan Family House

    Lucy’s favourite ingredient is Chocolate in all it's wonderful forms! Her cashew nut roast and cream of tomato soup and legendary and for her easy ‘go-to’ vegan meal it would have to be baked potatoes with salad and beans. Lucy’s popular blog is aimed at all sorts of people who simply want to eat Vegan and it includes everything from raw smoothies to hearty Scottish soups.

  • Sharon


    Blog: Bit of the Good Stuff

    Sharon’s (several) all-time favourite cuisines are Thai and Indian, closely followed by Mexican and Middle Eastern. She’s best known for her family-friendly every day meals and the easiest of those for a ‘go-to’ supper would be her scrambled tofu with stir-fried mushrooms and peppers on toast. Sharon’s recipes have been featured in Fresh Vegan magazine and The Independent.

  • Susanne


    Blog: Kirly Sue's Blog

    Kirly-Sue loves Jamaican and Thai cuisine and her signature dish is Vegan Jamaican Patties. For her ‘go-to’ easy vegan meal it has to be Vegan Sweet Potato Lentil Bake. Kirly-Sue has a vegan cooking show on 3ABN TV in the USA (!) and in the UK has featured in Take -A-break magazine. Her blog sets a friendly tone and is great for new vegans.

  • Tomi


    Blog: The Vegan Nigerian

    Tomi has two favourite cuisines - Nigerian and Thai food; she loves them both equally. Her expertise is in Nigerian cooking and her easy ‘go-to’ vegan supper dish reflects this as it’s Jollof rice (a spicy rice dish made using fresh bell peppers and tomatoes.) Tomi featured on the BBC World News show 'Focus on Africa' in November.

  • Trinity


    Blog: Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen

    Trinity’s absolute favourite foods are avocados and mangos and she can be possessive over them! Two dishes she is most praised for are her Turmeric & Sweet Potato Falafels and her Cottage Pie. She loves quick meals that don’t compromise on taste or quality and her easy ‘go-to’ meal is Coconut, Cauliflower and Chickpea soup. Trinity has her own book: ‘Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen’, also writes for Happy Cow and is a contributor for websites like ‘Wake up World’ and ‘Conscious Life News’.

  • Vegan Vox

    Vegan Vox

    Blog: Vegan Vox Blog

    Vegan Vox’s favourite foods are Mexican and Italian – she loves a great vegan burrito and pizza! She is known for veganising versions of all your favourite meals but for an easy ‘go-to’ option recommends her super quick pitta pizzas or a shepherd's pie. Vegan Vox runs the fabulous mobile food van The Vegan Grindhouse and has been nominated for Best Vegetable Chef Category in the YBFs (Young British Foodies Awards) 2014. She was also nominated for the UK Blog Awards for 2013 and 2014 and her recipes have featured in The Independent, The Birmingham Post and Mail, and several vegan magazines.